VIDEO: Hank Green was diagnosed with cancer


Hank Green was diagnosed with cancer.

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Science communicator, author, and YouTuber Hank Green announced in a video that he’s been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a blood cancer.
In the YouTube video, the 43-year-old told the story of his diagnosis. “When you’re in the American health care system, you don’t expect things to move quick,” he said, recounting getting tested. “When it starts to get a little efficient, it’s actually quite disconcerting.”
“It’s … one of the most treatable cancers,” he told his subscribers. “It responds very well to treatment. The goal is cure.”
Green plans to undergo four months of chemotherapy, which he called a “fairly well known” treatment, “if unpleasant.”
He was right to be disconcerted — the tests came back quickly and positive for cancer. Still, Green was hopeful, explaining that the type of lymphoma he has is very treatable, and that it seems likely at this point that it was caught early.
In what he characterized as a “very Hank Green thought,” he added “this is the best time in human history to get lymphoma.”
He continued, “It’s, like, an identity that I’m having thrust upon me, which happens to people all the time. And it’s totally the thing that I will get over.”
The “SciShow” host’s sibling and co-host, John Green, did not appear in the social media upload but left a touching comment.
“I love you. We all love you,” the “Fault in Our Stars” author, 45, wrote. “You’ve got this.”


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