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  1. What food was considered as the students favourite

  2. Omar secured admission in which school

  3. The author refers zaki as a …..

4.. According to the novel,who was going to the university

  1. At the end of the novel, who was it decided that would break the news to the Dad?

  2. When did the dad arrive in the novel?

  3. Which of the following decribes Mohammed Kabir?

  4. What is the full meaning of EMAL?

  5. Habib can be said to be a……….?

  6. what was Omar’s father work?

  7. What did the author of the life changer study?

  8. what’s the meaning of c’est tres bien?.

13.Who told Unmi the story of Talle

  1. Who is omar immediate younger sister



  1. Calculate the varience of 2,3,6,3,5,3,4 and 6

  2. calculate the inverse of A=[3 -2]
    [7 4]

  3. find the product of 0.0301 and 0.0041 leave answer in standard form( I thought this topic)

  4. find the tagent to the curve y=x³- x²-3

  5. if dy=6x+2,find y
    dx ( remember this calculus I thought)

6.factorise 2x²-13xy+18y²

  1. convert 132 base 4 to a number in base 2

  2. if A=[1,b,2,d] what is the power set of A

  3. find the distance of points (-4,7) and (3,-2)

  4. simplify log8 0.25

  5. Diffrenciate 2.4×3.5 with respect to x

  6. In how many ways can 7 men be seated round a circular table for a 2 hours meeting.

13.find x if 9x-1/2=3x²

  1. simplify 2 1/4 ÷(4÷1/8 of 2 2/3 *3

  2. Given that A=(3 1 -4) and B=(2 7 -5) find A+B
    (4 3 1) (-2 1 0)
    (1 4 -3). (6 3 4 )

this particular question came out five times but with different figures.
i hope this helps someone out there.



1.A determinant of population size is ……..

  1. The revenue sources used for expenditure on heavy projects is……..

3.The tool of economic analysis that recognises mathematical signs is ………

  1. A flat rate tax is said to be …….

5.A nation’s cost of living and value of money are measured by ……..

  1. Commercial banks are controlled when the central bank uses………

  2. The basis for demand curve is…….

  3. Nigeria’s fourth development plan was between waht year to what year?

  4. Wages paid based on the work done is?

  5. population census can be?
    (a) de factor da census (b) de facto de census (c) da facto da census (d) de facto da census


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