An army “nurse” is being investigated for vaccinating BTS’s Jin without authorization


An army “nurse” is being investigated for vaccinating #BTS’s Jin without authorization.

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A controversy has arisen due to a military nurse (Lieutenant A) from the 28th Division leaving her workstation without permission during working hours to visit the 5th Division Recruit Training Center so that she could administer a vaccination to BTS’ Jin. Additionally, there are suspicions that this military nurse has been involved in the unauthorized distribution of medication to the 5th Division.
On a specific day in mid-January, a military nurse in her 20s from the 28th Division, drove approximately 30 minutes from unit C in B-city, Gyeonggi-do, to the 5th Division Recruit Training Center (Yeoncheon-gun), where Jin was stationed. The military nurse had a personal relationship with Mr. D, a medic at the 5th Division, and they conspired beforehand to approach Jin.
Between 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm on the same day, the military nurse administered the secondary vaccination against hemorrhagic fever to Jin at the medical office of the 5th Division Recruit Training Center. Afterward, the military nurse returned to her own unit and went around sharing that “Jin was in much pain.”
The insider reported that around 1.30pm in January, she took her own car for about 30 minutes to visit the 5th Infantry Division where Jin was stationed. It was noted that the nurse was on personal terms with another nurse at the 5th Infantry Division and planned the visit to approach Jin. She went to the 5th Infantry Division under the excuse of helping to provide vaccination.
On that day, she spent two hours at the 5th Infantry Division from 1.30pm to 3.30pm, vaccinating Jin with his 2nd round of vaccine against hemorrhagic fever. After she finished her time at the 5th Infantry Division, she even allegedly bragged about it after returning to her station, going around saying that “BTS’s Jin found it really painful.”


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