STRAY KIDS sent CHARLIE PUTH a meal from Able Cafe before his show in Korea. 
Taking to social media, CHARLIE PUTH, revealed that STRAYKIDS had sent a parcel to him. 
From the caption, it was revealed what was sent to him, which was Korean food. The food was bought by STRAYKIDS at Able Cafe; a popular fast-food in South Korea. 
CHARLIE PUTH wrote: “sweet stray kids sent me a whole meal 😋 thank you stray kids” oh????”
Reactions below from fans:
Michigan: stray kids sending a whole meal to charlie puth and tigerjk sending a flower wreath to stray kids congratulating them on their concert! they are so.
Pas: megaverse performance in a few hours stray kids sending charlie puth lunch from halfway across the world like okay if someone told me right now lee know is actually usher’s long lost son i wouldn’t even question it anymore