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Waec 2022 Verifed Questions and Answers Expo, Expo Means Answers

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Waec 2022 Verifed Questions and Answers Expo, Expo Means Answers


Functions of Relaxing


(i) it relaxes the ligaments in the pelvis and softens and widens the cervix.

(ii) Relaxin widens the pubic bone and facilitates labor



Function of Oxytocin


(i) it stimulate uterine contractions in labor and childbirth

(ii) stimulate contractions of breast tissue to aid in lactation after childbirth.


Function of Luteinizing hormones


(i) it helps control the menstrual cycle.

(ii) It triggers the release of an egg from the ovary.



Functions of progesterone


(i) It prohibits the muscle contractions in the uterus

(ii) it assists in preparing the body for conception and regulating the monthly menstrual cycle.



Pulmonary circulation is movement of blood between the heart and the lungs while Systemic circulation is the movement of blood between the heart and the rest of the body.



(i) Mammal e.g Goat, sheep, dog

(ii) Non Mammal e.g fowl, turkey



(i) Wether—–> Sheep/goat

(ii) Barrow—> Boar

(iii) Capon—–> Chicken/fowl

(iv) Steer—–> Cattle




(i) sheep with poor leg structure

(ii) Sheep with poor body condition

(iii) Sheep that did not respond to treatment

(iv) Ewe that has depreciated in production.

(v) Sheep prone to high rate of diseases.

(vi) Sheep that reflects rational deficiency when feed well.



(i) He should increase the nutrient of the production ration.

(ii) He should ensure regular deworming

(iii) He should ensure and maintain vaccination of the calves

(iv) He can as well carry out dehorning


the sperm count of male animal is low




(i)It requires more labor and infrastructure facilities

(ii)Improper cleaning of the instruments and unhygienic conditions may lead to lower fertility

(iii)It requires well-trained operators and special equipment

(iv)It necessitates the knowledge of the structure and function of reproduction on the part of the operator.

(v)If the bull is not properly tested, the spreading of genital diseases will be increased




(i) Body conformation


(iii)Quality of product

(iv)Growth rate


(vi)Birth weight

(vii)Adaptation to the environment

(viii)Resistance to diseases

(ix)Resistance to pests

(x) Feed conversion ability or ratio



*NUMBER (1)*


Joshua gathered all Israel to Shechem and told the people their history from Abraham to Moses, He emphasized God’s abiding faith with Israel making them owners of the land of the Amorites. He reminded them of the saving acts of God. in their history, With all these favours, they must serve God and put away all foreign gods, Alternatively, they should decide on whom to serve, Joshua told the people that as for him and his family, they would serve the lord, The Israelites also said they would put away other gods serve the Lord, Who had been faithful to them,  Joshua reminded them that God is Holy and jealous, He will not forgive their sins/unfaithfulness should they forsake God they would be punished, He told them not to break their promise,  They must put away all false gods and serve God with sincerity, Joshua wrote down the laws of God, put a stone to witness, should they deal falsely with God.





(i) Joshua was a man of humility.

(ii) A Man Of Faith And Trust In God.

(iii) His ways of life as a role model for his people,

(iv) His ability to convince and advise the people to accept his views.

(v) A Man Of God’s Word.

(vi) He was a good political leader.

(vii) His courage to call the people together





      Ahab was the king of Israel in Samaria. A man of Jezebel, named Naboth had his vineyard near Ahab’s Palace and Ahab wanted to acquire the vineyard. Naboth was not willing to part with the land which he had inherited.

          Ahab became disappointed and he refused to eat in his house. When the wife of Ahab (Jezebel) learnt of the cause of her husband’s unhappiness, she cheered him up and assured him that she would give the vineyard to him.  Jezebel wrote letters and sealed them with Ahab’s seal. In the letters she instructed the elders of Israel to proclaim a feast, causing God and the king and to him death. These orders were quickly carried out and Naboth was stoned to death. Ahab took possession of the vineyard as soon as he heard of the death of Naboth.

      The Lord was not happy with the murder of Naboth and He sent prophet Elijah to warn Ahab that dogs would lick his blood at the same spot where Naboth’s blood was licked up by dogs. When Elijah met Ahab to deliver the Lord’s message to him, Ahab asked him ” have you found me O my enemy”? Elijah answered that he had found him and then told Ahab the grave punishment of death that awaited him and his posterity because of his wicked acts and idolatry. He told Ahab that Jezebel’s body would be eaten by dogs within the bound of Jezreel.

      After hearing this message, Ahab fasted and mourned before the Lord. His humility and penitence pleased the Lord and so the Lord told Elijah that the punishment would not be visited on his family in Ahab’s days but would surely come to pass during the reign of his son.







*NUMBER (3)*




Upon Solomon’s death, the powerful and rich kingdom of Israel was split in two. Both the northern and southern kingdoms suffered from godless leadership, but the worst king was Manasseh, who sacrificed his own sons in the fire of Molech and put an idol of the Canaanite fertility goddess in the temple in Jerusalem.

Josiah, Manasseh’s grandson, became king of Judah when he was only eight years old. Unlike his father and grandfather, Josiah tore down the pagan altars, pounded the stone idols into powder, and began repairing the temple. During the repair, Hilkiah, the high priest, found “the Book of the Law of the Lord given by Moses,” perhaps in a dusty unused corner of the Temple or in an area being repaired. During the previous almost 60 years when the people were worshipping pagan idols, no one had read the Word of God.



(i) Direct service is service paid directly by those who enjoy them.

(ii) Direct service providers render their services to people who are willing to pay for them.



(i) Indirect service providers render services to the general public and are paid indirectly by the general public through taxes paid to the government.

(ii) Indirect service is a government-funded service that is delivered to the general public.



– Devaluation

– Imposition on embargo

– Import quota

– Reduction of exercise duty

– Licence

– Tariff



– Regulatory Measures:

Every country wants to export its surplus natural resources, agricultural produce and manufactured goods to the extent, it can and import only these goods and products which are not produced or manufactured within the country. For this purpose regulatory measures like tariff barriers (custom duties) non-tariff barriers, quota restrictions, foreign exchange restrictions, technological and administrative regulations, consulter for­malities, state trading and preferential arrangements, trade agreements and joint commis­sions etc. Come in the way of free trade and unfettered flow of foreign business.


– Procedural Difficulties:

Different countries have evolved different procedures, practices and documents in order to regulate the export trade. Some of these such as foreign exchange control regulations and others have been formulated after keeping in view the national objectives and have posed certain procedural problems to exporters and importers.


– Risk in transit:

Foreign trade involves much greater risk than home trade. Goods have to be transported over long distances and they are exposed to perils of the sea. Many of these risks can be covered through marine insurance but increases the cost of goods.


– Lack of information about foreign businessmen:

In the absence of direct and close relationship between buyers and sellers, special steps are necessary to verify the creditworthiness of foreign buyers. It is difficult to obtain reliable information concerning the financial position and business standing of the foreign traders. Therefore, credit risk is high.


– Import and export restrictions:

Every country charges customs duties on imports to protect its home industries. Similarly, tariff rates are put on exports of raw materials. Importers and exporters have to face tariff restrictions.

They are required to fulfill several customs formalities and rules. Foreign trade policy, procedures, rules and regulations differ from country to country and keep on changing from time to time.




Balance of trade (BOT) is the difference between the value of a country’s exports and the value of a country’s imports for a given period.



– Current account: This account scans all the incoming and outgoing of goods and services between countries. All the payments made for raw materials and constructed goods are covered under this account. Few other deliveries that are included in this category are from tourism, engineering, stocks, business services, transportation, and royalties from licenses and copyrights. All these combine together to make a BOP of a country.


– Capital account: Capital transactions like purchase and sale of assets (non-financial) like lands and properties are monitored under this account. This account also records the flow of taxes, acquisition, and sale of fixed assets by immigrants moving into the different country. The shortage or excess in the current account is governed by the finance from the capital account and vice versa.



– To protect nascent industries

– To fortify national defense programs

– To support domestic employment opportunities

– To combat aggressive trade policies

– To protect the environment

CONCLUSION: This Verified Waec Gce 2022 Questions and Answers Physics Questions & Answers, Noted this verified and nothing minus from it its something you can use directly without any error but make sure you message me on whatsapp before using any one of our answers thanks.

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