VIDEO: Hilarious drama in Parliament after Babu Owino hid nominated MP Honourable David Sankok’s crutches.

Babu Owino has hidden the clutches belonging to Honourable David Sankok during a Parliamentary session. 
After the complaint, Deputy Speaker Moses Cheboi, had to halt the session to speak about the missing clutches of Honourable David Sankok. 
He says: “The matter raised by Hon. Sankok is very serious… What is surprising is that Hon Sankok you are seated there all the time. If you have lost your crutches, you should obviously have the person in mind who has taken your crutches in mind."
Admitting to the playful theft, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino says he had taken and hidden the clutches, because it isn't needed in the Parliament at the time of the meeting. 
“Hon Speaker, Hon Sankok do not need the legs (crutches) as at now… I apologize," Babu Owino says. 
Deputy Speaker Moses Cheboi then told Babu Owino to return the clutches to Honourable David 
Moses Cheboi says: “Hon Babu Owino you should probably take the crutches back if you are the one who took them…" 
Babu Owino later confirmed that he had given the clutches back to the sergeant to give it to Honorable David. It was a hilarious drama at the parliament yesterday. 
After seeing the video, Kenyans rushed to social media to react. 
Reactions from Kenyans below:
Samuel Maina
Replying to 
A sick joke! So 'honourable'.
Sharp Shooter
Replying to 
Just wait and Mr struggler aka kitendawili unlikely gets power thru brokers and cartels coup. Mtalia Sana Kenyans. Junet warned you. 
rick mathews
Replying to 
Cleansing needs to be done to whoever did it,
it's a taboo to play with the disable.Hope the young generations didn't see lest they'll try it in schools.
Replying to 
One cannot hide the ghost behind his skin. It will come out no matter what.
Replying to 
That was very kidish of 
 to play with such a sensitive matter of another honourable member of parliament... clutches are not walking sticks used for fun. 
Replying to 
This is hilarious!!! Nothing to be worked up about! This guys messing with each other. 
G eye Joe
Replying to 
Leaders elected to legistlate laws and represent the interests of mwananchi but ended up behaving like form three kids of Muhoho high school. What a shame my Mp 
benson shitandi
Replying to 
Is this drama to you ? Face with hand over mouthFace with hand over mouthFace with hand over mouth Perhaps yes because you have two legs. 
Video below:
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