Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Shordie Shordie has knocked out fan after trying to “bang” on him in front row at his show.

In the trending video, Shordie Shordie, is seen performing on stage while an unidentified fan is seen doing some strange or weird cult sign. 
Out of anger, Shordie Shordie, punched him in his face. 
Over the weekend, Shordie Shordie officially unveiled his latest project, A Life For Two. The body of work boasts guest appearances from 03 Greedo and Octavian across 13 total tracks. This past Sunday (April 30), the Baltimore emcee kept his momentum going with the official music video for “Better With Each Other” from the LP. In the clip, he’s met with a messy situation involving his people as he narrates the storyline with his bars:
“I can see it, now it’s video, they think of slidin’, I’m thinkin’ devious/ I don’t think he slidin’, I’m thinkin’ leavin’ you, like can we go back previous, like, who the f**k you talkin’ to?/ I leave that b**ch with no name, she be actin’ so fake, in her mouth like Colgate/ Trust me, she like ‘Babe, just touch me,’ arguin’ and fussin’, that p**sy so lucky, p**sy lucky/ I don’t go and try to get a better b**ch, they think I never hit, even say I need another b**ch”