Deeone mocked his colleague Whitemoney after he showed off two luxury cars

Nigerian comedian, Deeone has taken to Instagram to mock colleague Whitemoney.
This comes after Whitemoney showed off two luxury cars on his Instagram page.
The duo have been dragging themselves on social media as they continue to debate over who’s more popular and successful than the other.
Whitemoney had shared a photo of him posing with two luxury cars.
Deeone after seeing the photo, mocked him using the recent meme trend of ‘poor man and rich man’s joke.
He insinuated that the cars do not belong to Whitemoney.
See his post below:
See netizens reactions:
iam_bmodel said: “White money I know, but that other guy, Is He a Nigerian?”
the_kiki2 said: “This Dee one must really think he can stand close to whitemoney. 5 years later and he is still a failed comedian, someone that is not even qualified to clean White’s sandals. Clown”
onometypical said: “I think maturity in this generation starts from 50yrs. Grown up men open mouth waa like aligator”
tosinjuls wrote: “White money and this guy really needs to set ring lights and explain to Nigerians what exactly is their problem”
tkinzystar said: “This is the only way this mugu stay relevant. Hope whitemoney keep snubbing him”