CIPC website confirms Dr Matthew Lani’s real name is Matthew Bongani Lani after HPCSA video claim….

Taking to social media, Matthew Bongani Lani, revealed that HPCSA had told him to do a video, clarifying his real names and that of his social media names.
Unfortunately, CIPC website is saying otherwise. 
Dr Matthew Lani, a bogus TikTok doctor who routinely sports a stethoscope around his neck and who has carved a niche for himself dispensing medical advice and medical content to his over 280,000 followers, could find himself in hot water with authorities after Wits University distanced itself from him.
The popular so-called TikTok doctor ‘Dr Matthew Lani’, 27, who claims to have studied medicine at the university, has been misrepresenting himself as a doctor and has also apparently been seen in scrubs at one of Gauteng’s public hospitals.
Perhaps the most shocking revelation is that the individual in question is not registered with the “Health Professions Council of South Africa,” a necessary requirement for anyone practicing medicine in the country. This significant omission has led many to believe that he is, in fact, a fake doctor.
Moreover, fellow students who attended Wits University at the same time as he claims to have been there have expressed doubts about his presence. They assert that they have no recollection of him being part of the academic community during those years, further undermining his credibility.
In a jaw-dropping revelation that has sent shockwaves through South African social media, a popular Tiktoker known for dishing out medical advice has been exposed for allegedly lying about his identity and qualifications. The individual who goes by the name Dr Matthew Lani boasts over 200k followers on TikTok and claims to be a doctor, is now facing intense scrutiny from the medical community and the public alike.