Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it Adept EXPOSED xQc for allegedly paying his Twitch mods thousands to have sex with him.

The stories, alleging that the Kick streamer used to pay his moderators for sexual relations with them. She first posted a story that came from nowhere, saying, “Any streamers out there that are desperate enough to have s*x with their head moderators when they’re lonely…don’t talk about it with them over Discord.”
xQc’s legal battle against his ex-partner Adept has continued to be a public affair since its first details were revealed.
It has led to various back and forths between the two, whether it be various personal stories shared on stream or various arguments about “stolen” baby photos and a $300,000 McLaren supercar.
He then posted Instagram stories of his own around the same time.
“Imagine ruining your life over ego. Millions of options and continuously choosing the worst ones,” xQc said.
“What a sad way to go down,” he stated in another.
At the time of writing, there have been no further updates and the identities of those in the chat logs have not been revealed. At the end of August, xQc even claimed that Adept asked to be in his will when he was in a “vulnerable” state, which reignited the topic.
Adept has now taken to her Instagram account to make further controversial claims towards the Kick and Twitch streamer, to which he has responded.