Newly released evidence reveals over $20 million coming from 23 separate countries on four continents to at least nine Biden family members.

 Not only are the Biden transfers becoming clear, so is the Biden family tree in this lucrative form of corruption.
​America faces serious challenges. Our cities are being ruined by progressive soft-on-crime policies that keep criminals on the streets and storefronts closed. President Biden’s radical open-border policies have made our country less safe, eaten up budgets of cities across the country, and made the fentanyl crisis even worse. Out-of-control spending has caused massive inflation and burdened our children and grandchildren with crushing debt. 
​The American people elected Republicans to serve as a check on these policies in the House of Representatives. Our majority has achieved a lot in nine months. We moved a strong immigration and border security package to address the crisis at the southern border. We’ve passed a Parent’s Bill of Rights to protect American families and an energy bill to boost domestic production and lower costs. Our majority is also conducting rigorous oversight to not only hold the Biden administration accountable, but ensure the federal bureaucracy is not weaponized. 
President Joe Biden once famously told a state official that “no one f—s with a Biden.” It was a statement that made more sense a few years ago than it does today.
These days, it seems like everyone is…well, messing with the Bidens. The president’s son, Hunter Biden, is facing federal charges on gun violations under a law that his father has heralded. He is also looking at possible additional charges on taxes.
Joe Biden’s brother James Biden was just subpoenaed alongside his nephew over millions of dollars sent by foreign figures as part of an influence-peddling operation.
Joe Biden is now formally under investigation for possible impeachment with at least four articles of impeachment under consideration.
Finally, a media that has long shielded the Bidens is now starting to acknowledge that Hunter and others were engaged in corrupt influence peddling. There are two fundamental questions in this race for Speaker: who can best unite the Republican conference and who can best communicate our shared conservative vision to the American people? On both these important questions, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is the best man for this tough assignment at this pivotal moment. 
The Speaker must be a leader. He must recognize the different talents of our diverse conference and encourage members to maximize on their strengths. This is the approach Jim Jordan exhibited since I first met him in 1996 when he was a member of the Ohio General Assembly. It’s the approach he’s taken as the leading Republican on two House committees.  
Jim is a listener and a leader. He is humble and sincere. Anyone who has served with Jim on a committee knows the kind of man he is and how he empowers members to succeed. 
The Speaker, as the chief spokesman for Republicans in Congress, must fiercely advocate for our conservative agenda in Washington and in congressional districts across the country. Jim is simply the best communicator for Republicans in the country. He can articulate our conservative vision for America — what Republicans are doing and why it matters for Americans. Prosecutors often build narratives around the conspicuous consumption and the lifestyle demands of targets. Trump’s personal and financial dealings have featured greatly in litigation. The Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus and others have written about how the evidence exposed a “stunning display of Trump’s narcissism.”
Although the image of a “unifier-in-chief” quickly collapsed, the most lasting portrayal is that Joe Biden cares. Unlike Trump, he is portrayed as acting not out of greed, but an overwhelming desire to do good. In a typical article, a contributor to Forbes gushed about “How Empathy Defines Joe Biden.” The article explained that “Biden feels empathetic because that is who he is.”
That is not the image that emerges from the growing evidence about Biden and his family. The Bidens are suffering from legal exposure in actions concerning everything from withholding child support to peddling influence to federal felonies.