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The NECO GCE 2019 English Language Expo Questions and Answers are now available. In this article, I will be showing you how to get it. If you have already subscribed to our Runz, click the button below to enter your password. If not, continue reading.
Hey there! Are you among those writing the NECO GCE 2019 English Language exam? If yes, I have something for you. I have been helping students with their exams for a few years now. As such, I can give you some tips that will help you in the exam. Writing from my experience, it is usually common to see students pass ENGLISH and fail English or vice versa. I don’t know the reason yet. But, these two subjects are so important that you should credit both.
Now, ENGLISH has come and gone. Those that subscribed to our NECO GCE 2019 ENGLISH Expo said it was a success. Hence, we are gladly expecting A’s in that. But then, English is here waiting. Would it make or spoil the results? I can’t say for now. But, there is one assurance I can give you. If you subscribe to our Expo for the NECO GCE English Language, you will credit it.
One thing I have observed is that some students don’t subscribe to both exam Expo. For example; Mr A thinks he does not know ENGLISH, so, he paid for the Expo. But in the English exam, he decides not to subscribe. At the end of everything, you see him crediting Mathematics and failing English. Summarily, try as much as you can to also subscribe to our English expo. I know the money is much but, you know, it will not be fine if you fail the almighty English language.
At this juncture, if you have made up your mind to subscribe to our NECO GCE 2019 Expo, here is how to do it. There are three subscription plans for our candidates. The plans are Whatsapp plan, Link and Password and the SMS plan. Below is the subscription price list. Please, for other subjects.
Link and Password: N600
Whatsapp mode: N800
SMS: N1000
Please note that you will get the answers at least 3 hours before the exam if you subscribe. To subscribe, follow the instruction below;
Check the price of the plan you are paying for and buy MTN recharge card equivalent to the price. Send the pin to 07062277854. See how to send it below;
How to send the card: Type the card pin, your subjects, phone number & plan paid for and send to 07062277854. You can also call or message the above number for more details.
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