Mike Bamiloye sparks debate over gender equality and feminism

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye of Mount Zion Drama Ministries has drawn reactions from his social media follows after he tabled a matter on gender equality and feminism.

Pointing out that gender equality and feminism may be politically correct, Mike Bamiloye asked if they are spiritually correct.

He shared: “Gender equality and feminism. They may be politically correct, but are they spiritually correct”.

See reactions below.

@wondertee1: All these are part of devil’s strategy for the end time topic to destroy many homes.

@kemiowonibi: The original creation, according to the Bible, taught equality. God made human beings male and female. Genesis chapter 1. God bless human beings equally. Genesis chapter 1. But people must always twist the bible. To promote their patriarchal way of life.

@oluwakiyesiojo: Is Deborah not in your bible? She was a wife of Lapidoth but yet the judge in Israel and leader of the army – cos Barak refused to go to war without her. If a woman is inferior to man and should always submit to man, who submitted to who between Deborah and Barak? If that story made the scriptures, God is not like u. The set up for marriage is only for order – it’s not to turn the man to feudal lord in d name of submission.

@blossomgift001: The life of a matter is in the root, if you intend to solve a problem you go to the root cause.the restiveness on the part of the female folks is motivated by the age long abuse of leadership by the male folks.when God instituted the family system ,he also set up principles to preserve the setting.it is the constant neglect of these principles that led to the chaos in the family setting.people enter into marriage without giving a damn about the FATHERHOOD PRINCIPLES from God’s perspective and they end up abusing their position;when you abuse things, you are likely to lose them…

@keano_cupcake: The Bible only categorically states wife submit to your “Husband” not to “Man” in the society, but these men want you to submit to them automatically once you are a woman even at work place or churches. The woman is not inferior to the man.

@kingdavshots: That’s what is leading our country astray sir, women do not want to be a slave to their husbands, they want to be the one in command

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