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Legit Neco Gce 2022 Futher Matths & Alternative to Practical Expo

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(i)its flesh are eaten by animals

(ii)the seeds are passed out as waste by some animal

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Under B

(i)it is yellowish in colour

(ii)beans like shaped


Under C

(i)it is reddish in colour

(ii)not beans like shaped




Under Observation;

(i)light passes through it but the other side can not be seen


Under Conclusion;

(i)it contains oil which makes the paper a translucent material



Fats and oil



It serves as food.




F; carrots

G; Irish potato

H; water Lily

I; prawn



It improve sight



This is because it has a modified stem




Under Observation;

(i)it gives a blue black colour


Under Conclusion;

(i)starch is present



(i)presence of big leaves

(ii)presence of cuticle

(iii)presence of horns

(iv)presence of rims






(i)presence of tail fin

(ii)presence of scales




Under External features

(i)Tail fin

(ii) Antenna



Under Function;

(i) Locomotion

(ii) sensitivity

(iii) locomotion



(i)it serves as food

(ii)it create employment opportunity





J; Tilapia Fish.

K; Tadpoles

L; spider



Will Be Posted by 8am!!!










(i)presence of wings

(ii)presence of book lung


*Neco Gce Biology Practical*



A – Honey bee

B – Termite



A – Insecta

B – Insecta




(i) Presence of antennae

(ii) Presence of wings



(i) Presence of segmented body

(ii) Presence of antennae



I – Antennae

II – Eye

III – Hindleg

IV – Antenna

V – Head

VI – Abdomen



I – For sensitivity

II – For seeing

III – For detection of stimuli






(i) Absence of wing hub

(ii) Presence of forewing



(i) Presence of wing hub

(ii) Absence of forewing



(i) Head

(ii) Thorax

(iii) Abdomen



(i) Wing

(ii) Mouthpart






(i) The experiment must be done during the day.

(ii) There must be presence of water.



Experiment to show that oxygen is liberated during photosynthesis.



D – Maize seedling plant

E – Monocot root



I – Tassel

II – Flag leaf

III – Leaf

IV – Styles

V – Female inflorescence



Tassel, female inflorescence, ovary













(i) Absorption of water and nutrient

(ii) It provides support



(i) Maximise the roots water

(ii) Absorption of mineral



(i) They possesses long stigma

(ii) Possession of feathery flowers

(iii) Possession if one reproductive organ



F – Webbed feet

G – Non webbed feet



I – Hind toe

II – Web foot

III – Claw



It enables them to float on water




H – Microscope

I – Filoplume feather



I – Lens

II – Coarse focusing mechanism

III – Objective lens

IV – Arm



1 – Paramecium

2 – Bacteria



(1) Wet it dirty slides should never be out on the stage

(2) Never use a dry cloth or paper towel to wipe optical surface or lens



(1) Always use two hands when using the microscope

(2) Make sure the microscope is not plugged in before moving it

(3) When the microscope is not in use cover it with a dust cover or store in a microscopic case



VIII – Outer web or vane

IX – Barbs

X – Rachis it shaft






(i) It is used for flight

(ii) To consume body heat

(iii) It is also used for social display


Waec GCE 2022 business studies


Q7b))Factors affecting Pricing Decisions


  1. Objectives of the Business: There may be various objectives of the firm such as getting a reasonable rate of return, capturing the market, maintenance of control over sales and profits, etc. A pricing policy thus should be established only after proper consideration of the objectives of the firm.


  1. Cost of the Product: The cost and price of a product are closely related. Normally, the price cannot or shall not fix below its cost (including the product, administrative and selling costs). Price also determines the cost.


  1. Market Position. The prices of the products of different producers are different either because of differences in quality or because of the goodwill of the firm. A reputed concern may fix higher prices for its products, on the other hand, a new producer may fix lower prices for its products. Competition may also affect pricing decisions.


  1. Competitors’ Prices: Competitive conditions affect the pricing decisions. The company considers the prices fixed and quality maintained by the competitors for their products.
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