John Dumelo’s wife reacts as he kisses Nadia Buari in front of her (Video)


Below is a video showing John Dumelo’s wife watching him and Nadia Buari acting like lovers at a party in Ghana.

The trio sat together round the same table where they were vibing to music when Nadia Buari and John Dumelo suddenly locked eyes like they usually do in movies.

Next was Nadia Buari ignoring the presence of John Dumelo’s wife by touching his face in a seductive manner.

In return, John Dumelo who initially felt awkward because of the presence of his wife suddenly gained boldness to the point of giving Nadia Buari a kiss on her hand.

John Dumelo’s wife who was astonished at the scene displayed before her question saying “what’s going on here?”.

Watch the video below

John Dumelo recently spoke in support of polygamy.

“I feel that there’s nothing wrong with it. I mean if our brothers and sisters who are Muslims are doing it perfectly, why not Christians? Provided you can take care of your family and your two or three wives that’s fine and I mean, I speak to a lot of Muslim friends of mine and they’re okay with it, personally I don’t believe in it but I feel it’s good for Ghana.

His wife reacted to the statement in an awesome way.

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