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General Question for Jamb Cbt/Utme 2021 GOVERNMENT QUETIONS




The Nigerian Youth Movement collapsed as the result of

  • A. its failure to win election
  • B. shortage of funds to run its affairs
  • C. the harassment of its leadership by government.
  • D. the breakup of its leadership.

The first restructure of the Nigerian Federation took place with the

  • A. creation of mid-west Region in 1963
  • B. abolition of federalism in 1966
  • C. military counter-coup in 1966
  • D. creation of states in 1967

The land use decree of 1978 vested the ownership of land in Nigeria in the

  • A. local chiefs
  • B. local govrnments
  • C. state governments
  • D. federal governments

The main source of financing local government in Nigeria is

  • A. internal revenue generation
  • B. statutory revenue allocation
  • C. special state grants
  • D. grants-in-aid

The most remarkable legacy of the 1976 Local Government Reform in Nigeria was the introduction of

  • A. the office of sole administrators
  • B. caretaker management committees
  • C. uniformity in struture and functions
  • D. the third tier of government.

The Murtala/Obasanjo regime in Nigeria increased the number of states from

  • A. 4 to 12
  • B. 12 to 19
  • C. 19 to 20
  • D. 30 to 36

The major factor influenced the formulation of Nigerian foreign policy in the First Republic was

  • A. geographical location
  • B. the colonial legacy
  • C. economic consideration
  • D. the parliamentary system

The Barclay's Bank and the British Petroleum Company in Nigeria were nationalized in the late 1970's for transacting business with

  • A. France
  • B. South Africa
  • C. Portugal
  • D. Libya

South-South cooperation is a major policy plan on which Nigeria bases her relations with

  • A. developed countries
  • B. countries of the southern hemisphere
  • C. developing countries
  • D. member countries of OAU

Nigeria's recognition of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola to lead that country was made under

  • A. General Yakubu Gowon
  • B. General Murtala Mohammed
  • C. General Muhammadu Buhari
  • D. General Ibrahim Babangida

Which of these rulers resisted colonial rule and was deported to Calabar?

  • A. King Kosoko
  • B. Oba Ovoranwen
  • C. King Dosunmu
  • D. King Jaja

Nigerian nationalism was described as two-phased by

  • A. John Payne Jackson
  • B. Jmaes S. Coleman
  • C. Edward Wilmot Blyden
  • D. David Ricardo

One of the major weaknesses of the Independence constitution is that it

  • A. failed to provide the country with full sovereignty
  • B. gave full powers to the supreme Court in Nigeria
  • C. gave total independence to Nigeria
  • D. empowered Britain to continue to rule

The first law-making body in Nigeria after amalgamation was

  • A. Nigeria Council
  • B. Legislative Council
  • C. National Assembly
  • D. Regional Assembly

The designation of ministers as chief executives and accounting officers was recommended by a commission headed by

  • A. Jerome Udoji
  • B. Simeon Adebo
  • C. S.J Cookey
  • D. Dotun Phillips

A major shortcoming of the Ombudsman is

  • A. lack of adequate resources
  • B. its inability to restrain bureaucratic excesses
  • C. lack of clear-cut mandate
  • D. lack of executive power to enforce decisions

One of the strong points of the multiparty system in Nigeria's Fourth Republic is

  • A. the provision for a bicameral legislature
  • B. government interference
  • C. wider political participation
  • D. wider anti-democracy campaign

In which of the following is the ceremonial and executive powers fused?

  • A. Presidential system of government
  • B. Federal system of government
  • C. Parliamentary system of government
  • D. Unitary system of government

A major contentious issue confronting the Nigerian Federalism is

  • A. poverty
  • B. health care delivery
  • C. education
  • D. revenue allocation

The main purpose of establishing public enterprise in Nigeria is to

  • A. increase government revenue
  • B. enrich the title
  • C. provide essential services
  • D. compete with the private sector

Parastatals are established to

  • A. enhance enterprenual skills
  • B. expand business transactions
  • C. maximize government profits
  • D. render social services

The General Purpose Committee of the local government is

  • A. cabinet of the local government
  • B. body responsible for supervising self-help projects
  • C. local government public relations unit
  • D. body for awarding contracts


The highest organ of the state during Babangida Regime was the

  • A. Provisional Ruling Council
  • B. Armed Forces Ruling Council
  • C. Supreme Military Council
  • D. Federal Executive Council

Decree 34 of 1966 was unacceptable to many Nigerians because it was

  • A. seen as an instrument of impoverishment
  • B. promulgated without consultation with the people
  • C. perceived to abolish the federal system
  • D. considered as alien

Nigeria broke diplomatic relations with France in 1961 because

  • A. France's atomic test in the Sahara Desert
  • B. Her poor relations with the francophone countries
  • C. General de-Gaulle's negative attitude towards her
  • D. France's diplomatic relations with Israel


One of the major functions of the Authority of Heads of State and Government of ECOWAS is

  • A. organizing international conference
  • B. appointing staff of the Secretariate
  • C. appointing the Executive Secretary
  • D. preparing the bugdet of the Community

The tenure of non-permanent members of the Security Council is

  • A. 5 years
  • B. 4 years
  • C. 2 years
  • D. 6 years

The Secretary General of the United Nations is appointed by the

  • A. Security Council acting alone
  • B. Permanent members of the Security Council on the recommendation of the General Assembly
  • C. General Assembly on the recommendation of the Security Council
  • D. General Assembly in plenary session

The approval of treaties and agreements of the Economic Community of West African States is the responsibility of the

  • A. Secretariate
  • B. Council of Minisiters
  • C. ECOWAS Tribunal
  • D. Assembly of Heads of State and Government


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