Jamb 2020 Mock Geography Expo Answers

Geography 2019 JAMB Past Questions
Geography 2019 JAMB Past Questions

1.The most suitable statistical diagram to show spatial distribution of production is the
A. dot map
B. pie chart
C. divided circle
D. line graph

Correct Answer: Option A
2.The variable which is both a control and an element of weather and climate is
A. Temperature
B. Rainfall
C. Air mass
D. Wind

Correct Answer: Option D
3. The relative dryness of the Horn Africa is due to
A. The dominance of cold currents in the region
B. The shape and direction of the shoreline
C. Its closeness to the high ranges of East Africa
D. The distance from the belt of tropical cyclones

Correct Answer: Option B
4. The development of a climax vegetation in the Savannah belt of Nigeria is disturbed mainly by
A. Lumbering
B. Mining
C. Animal Grazing
D. Bush burning

Correct Answer: Option D
5. The most densely populated city which is also the capital of a country in Africa is
A. Abuja
B. Dakar
C. Cairo
D. Cape Town

Correct Answer: Option C

6. A country well known for the production of Copper in Africa is
A. Zambia
B. Republic of Benin
C. Ghana
D. Egypt

Correct Answer: Option A
7. The areas in Nigeria where temperate crops may be grown include
A. Jos Plateau and Mambilla Plateau
B. Mandara Mountains and Biu Plateau
C. Oban Hills and Yoruba Highlands
D. Apata Hills and Effon Ridge

Correct Answer: Option A
8. The most capital-intensive sector of Nigeria economy to day is
A. Transportation
B. Trading
C. Agriculture
D. Mining

Correct Answer: Option A
9. Examples of fold mountains in Africa are
A. Cape Ranges and Atlas Mountains
B. Drakensberg Mountains and Mount Cameroun
C. Atlas Mountains and Mount Kenya
D. Mount Kilimanjaro and Atlas Mountains

Correct Answer: Option A
10. A good example of cuesta landscape in Nigeria is
A. North Central Highlands
B. Biu plateau
C. Yoruba Hills
D. Udi hills

Correct Answer: Option D
11. The prairies of North America are
A. montane grasslands
B. temperate grasslands
C. tropical grasslands
D. savannah

Correct Answer: Option B
12. Lakes kivu and Malawi are related in that they
A. lie in the Northern hemisphere
B. attract a large number of tourists
C. are rift valley lakes
D. are crater lakes

Correct Answer: Option C
13. Automobile Industries that are essentially assembly plants are found in
A. North East USA
B. South Africa
C. West Africa
D. Western Europe

Correct Answer: Option C
14. Nigeria recently entered into trade agreements in petroleum products and gas with
A. most countries of North Africa
B. all West African countries
C. all African countries
D. some West African countries

Correct Answer: Option D
15. The group of hardwoods that are suitable for railway sleepers in Nigeria is
A. pine, fir and mahogamy
B. mahogamy, obeche and iroko
C. gmelina, teak and spruce
D. obeche, mahogamy and pine

Correct Answer: Option B

16. The sex ratio of any population may be affected by
A. mortality
B. migration
C. morbidity
D. fertility

Correct Answer: Option B
17. An igneous rock with distinct grains of mica, fieldspar and quartz is
A. schist
B. basalt
C. granite
D. rhyolite
Correct Answer: Option C
18. An example of a landform produced by glaciation is
A. horizon
B. an ox-bow lake
C. a cirque
D. a sand-dune

Correct Answer: Option C
19.The Stevenson’s screen is raised about one meter above the ground in order to avoid
A. the influence of strong winds
B. the heat from the ground
C. the effects of nearby trees
D. rain drops entering it

Correct Answer: Option B
20. In surveying, it is best dealt with by
A. using abney level
B. removing them
C. laying offsets
D. avoiding them

Correct Answer: Option C
21. The merging together of a number of urban settlements will produce a
A. Suburb
B. Nucleated settlement
C. Linear settlement
D. Conurbation

Correct Answer: Option D
22. The world leading producer of cocoa is
A. Nigeria
B. Ecuador
C. Ghana
D. Brazil
Correct Answer: Option C
23. Which of the following pairs of cities have both seaport and

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