According to her, linking a woman’s success to men can be annoying and hurtful.

Nigerian skit creator and influencer, Ashmusy has said she’s not happy when people say a man is behind her success.
She made this known during a recent interview with Punch Saturday Beats.
It troubles her that society links women’s achievements to men.
The comedian said: “Linking a woman’s success to men can be annoying and hurtful. That is the reason I want to rebrand myself. It can be hurtful when a young girl works so hard, and all her efforts are linked to a man.
“After I reflected on everything I had been doing so far, from my dressing to my videos, I decided to correct them by changing that narrative. I am still an entertainer and I still have to entertain in some way, but it will be done in a better way.”
“The idea of rebranding myself has been in my head since 2022, but I just wanted to be sure I was ready, and also I wanted to clear all my pending deals. I felt the need to leave that stage for another one.
“Covering up myself (in outfits) is a part of my rebranding. I hated the fact that a man was said to be the source of my success. That narrative was hurtful because I know how hard I work to make every single dime. I will ascribe my success to God, consistency, and hard work.”
Speaking on what about her she’s most proud of, she said: “I have been able to build myself to a certain level in every aspect without having to depend on any man. My family has been supportive too.”