A screenshot from the page of Pere Egbi liking an abusive message from one of his fans has gone viral on social media.

BBNaija reality star, Pere Egbi has been lambasted for liking an abusive message directed towards his fellow housemates.
Twitter users called out the reality star after a screenshot from the page of Pere Egbi liking an abusive message surfaced online.
One of the fans of Pere identified on Twitter as Rainyzion tweeted that one of her best highlights of Pere during his stay in the BBNaija house was when he punched the wall during his altercation with Doyin and when he flung the mattress during his clash with Alex Unusual.
The fan added that she would have loved it if Pere had scattered the mouths and broken the necks of the female housemates he had clashed with.
The tweet was liked by Pere which has caught the attention of many. Twitter users have dragged the reality star as theytag him as an abusive man.
Read some comments below:
@Officialsommy41: “It’s actually shocking that you are in your 40s and still depending on fan gifts and shouting period bu thinking bullying and abusing other is okay shows high level of idiocy and psychopath tendency. Get him help!”.
@MissM: “Ewww what a disgusting man…Sick fave 🤝 Sick fans”.
@Hillz: “Pere liked an abusive message against fellow housemates? Y’all be supporting nonsense. Stay safe tho”.
@Marie: “Affirming to be a domestic absuser??”
@Gross.Tee: “This is the same disgusting idiot that came and tweeted “I hate toxic people? @Pereegbi is never beating the allegations, a violent abusive beat. @real_mercyeke na you I dey pity las las”.
@Olanna: “This one used American accent to bamboozie people and covered his repulsive behaviour. Amentally unstable, extremely volatile, angry black man. This is what they are parading as every woman’s dream. This walking night mare. BBN fans sha. It is well with them”.
@Baby boom baddie: “An abuser is Pere through and through…..yack”.