illegal African immigrant takes off clothes to sexually abuse a woman on Lampedusa island, Italy.

After trying to pin her down, the white Italian woman ran for her dear life. 
Nearly 6,800 irregular migrants arrived on Italy’s Lampedusa island over the last 36 hours, local media reported Wednesday.
Located on the Mediterranean route leading from Africa to Europe, Lampedusa welcomed 5,112 irregular migrants Tuesday, and the flow continued even at night with over a thousand more, according to state-run news agency ANSA.
One of the boats carrying migrants tipped over, and a mother from Guinea and her five-month-old baby fell into the sea. The woman was rescued but the baby drowned, the report also said.
After a group of Lampedusans protested against the arrival of the migrants with a sit-in outside the town hall later in the day, the Lampedusa City Council held an emergency meeting and declared a state of emergency on the island.
The movements of newly arrived migrants are usually tightly controlled. But with the reception center overflowing, some slipped away, and they were spotted all over the island, according to volunteers.
As Italian television station Sky TG24 filmed outside the center, people could be seen climbing over a wall in the background.
Some residents handed out pasta, Sicilian rice balls and water to the migrants they encountered. A pair of islanders lugging a carton of fresh peaches stopped to give pieces of fruit to migrants who were exploring Lampedusa’s main tourist street, which is decorated with colored lights and lined with reateries and souvenir shops.
A local firefighter said he asked his mother to cook up spaghetti and serve several young men from Burkina Faso whom he ran into when he was headed elsewhere for a grilled fish dinner, Italian news agency ANSA said.