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Ijmb 2020 Exams Specimen

Posted by on February 19, 2020 0

[2/19, 7:06 AM] Neco Headquarter: IJMB 2020 EXAMINATION SPECIMENSBIOLOGY PAPER III(ALT A)SPECIMEN A- Provided as a figure on the Question PaperSPECIMEN B- Fresh or wet-reserved AGAMA LIZARDSPECIMEN C- Fresh or preserved Pigeon/BirdSPECIMEN D- Bat (Fruit or Insect – eatingbat)SPECIMEN E- Freshly caught adult cockroach (Periplaneta Americana). One specimen to each candidateSPECIMEN F – Tridax/Dandelion inflorescenceSPECIMEN G – parkia(or any Mimosaceae) inflorescenceSPECIMEN H – Grass inflorescenceSPECIMEN I – LiverwortSPECIMEN J – TyphaSPECIMEN K – Water Lilly (Nymphaca lotus)SPECIMEN L – Water Lettuse (Pistoia Sp)Note: candidates should be provided with hand lenses and dissecting kits
I) spiral spring,
II) retord stand,
III) stopwatch,
IV) set of slotted standard masses and Masshanger.Q3A. voltmeter (0-5 V), milliammeter (mA), resistance box, LD.C. power supply 5V or 4V source.
[2/19, 7:06 AM] Neco Headquarter: IJMB 2020 EXAMINATION SPECIMENSCHEMISTRY PAPER III( ALT A)1) a Prepare solution A by dissolving accurate quantity of 8.4g of sodium Hydrogen trioxocaronate(IV), NaHCO3 in about 700 cm 2 distilled in 1 dm^2 volumetrie flank, weigh accurate quantity of 143g of sodium trioxocarbonate(IV) decahydrate, Na2 CO2.10H2O and transfer it quantitatively to the solution in the flask. Swirl the content of the flask to obtain a homogenous solution. Make the resulting solution up to the mark with distilled water, Make available for each student about 100cm^2 of the solution.b) Prepare solution B by using Pipette Filler to transfer quantitatively 6.4 cm^3 g of 70% w/w of trioxonitrate(V) acid, HNO3 to about 800 cm^3 distilled in 1dm volumetric flask. Allow the resulting solution to cool before making it up to the mark with distilled water. Make available for each student about 100 cm^3 of the solutionC) Prepare methyl orange and phenolphthalein indicator for acid-base titration2) Each student should be provided with the following samples (about 2 g each) appropriately labeled as indicated*SAMPLE Al – ACETOPHENONE**SAMPLE A2 – BARIUM TETRAOXOSULPHATE(VI)*Ensure that all necessary test reagents for inorganic and organic qualitative analyses are provided in the laboratory benches.*THESE SHOULD BE THE CONTENT OF EACH SAMPLE AND THIS INFORMATION SHOULD _~NOT BE DISCLOSED~_ TO CANDIDATES.*
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