Deuxmoi confirms Haze Khadra is dating Bella Hadid’s ex-boyfriend, Marc Kalman, as they had lunch in Dinand Par Fardi in Paris. 
Taking to social media, popular American tabloid, Deuxmoi, shared a picture of Haze Khadra and Marc Kalman having lunch together. 
Deuxmoi wrote: “Haze Khadra (Fai’s sister) and Bella Hadid’s ex boyfriend (Marc Kalman) having lunch in Dinand Par Fardi in Paris with other 2 girls. Anon please.”
Information reads: “Haze Khadra spotted out with Bella Hadid’s ex Marc.”
After seeing the post, Americans and fans of Bella Hadid are reacting. 
Michigan: No way Haze khadra is with Marc (bella’s balding ex) when her sister is with the weeknd???? It’s giving obsessed, it’s giving identity theft.
PRICE: Not Haze Khadra “dating” (talking stage?) Marc Kalman… these sisters really have no shame or dignity. It’s like they’re waiting for Bella to get rid of something so they can have it too lmfaoooo.