ANNIE OKONKWO: A call to service

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ANNIE OKONKWO: A call to service

ANNIE OKONKWO: A call to service
ANNIE OKONKWO: A call to service

By Charles Puma

Today I celebrate you, most distinguished. To one, you are a husband. To some, you are daddy. To many, you are Senator Annie Okonkwo. To me, you are a mentor, a leader, a father, a colossus, an enigma, an epitome of humility, and many more.  To multitudes, you are ‘Agunechemba.’

Today, you are highly celebrated. How do I begin to pay tribute to a man as yourself, who has dedicated his lifetime to public service as you have done?

How do I say thank you for all that you have been for me and many others, who are benefactors of your drive to impact and to emancipate?

You have you shown yourself a man of character, and of philanthropy. You have you gone ahead to add to the political restructuring of our dear country, our state, and our constituency with the intent of entrenching enduring democracy.

I am short of words to truly express the weight and distinction you deserve. I simply want to thank you with all the love in my heart for who you are and for what you do.

Thank you for rising to the compatriot’s call for service.

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Thank you for opening your hearts. Thank you for being there whenever society needs you.

Thank you for building bridges and most importantly for building lives. Thank you for being the most distinguished Senator Annie Okonkwo, Agunechemba 1 Ojoto.

As many celebrate you, as you receive the avalanche of tribute from far and wide, Agunechemba, I join the multitude in resounding applause for your doggedness and for your unrelenting conviction in effecting real development in society through politics, businesses/investments and philanthropy.

Permit me to extend my gratitude to our prayer warrior, our dearest mummy, your amiable wife, Lolo Chinyere Okonkwo (Ugo-Agu), who shares the same birth month with you with just a slight difference in date.

Little wonder you both have almost the same traits and of course, it is obvious that your success story will not be complete without her.

It is with the deepest honour and the most profound sense of privilege that I share in this milestone.

Again, I say Thank You. Society applauds you and we rejoice with you.

May the promises of God for your life be fulfilled and may the coming years be better, brighter, and more fruitful, in Jesus name.

*Puma, Chief of Staff to Sen Annie Okonkwo writes from Lagos.


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