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A molar solution of a compound contains one mole or the molar mass of the compound in one dm³ of the solution.



(i) Identification of gases

(ii) Identification of acidic and metallic radicals



(i) Purification of bauxite

(ii) Electrolysis of alumina




This is because of the presence of copper which is a transition metal



(i) Methanamide is a liquid while the rest amides are crystalline solids

(ii) Melting points and boiling points of aides are much higher than expected.



(i) Heavy chemicals are produced in very large quantities in industries While fine chemicals are produced in small quantities for specific purposes

(ii) Heavy chemicals are in a crude state While fine chemicals are purified.



(i) Million’s reagent

(ii) Feeling’s solution



Graham’s law of diffusion states that at a constant temperature and pressure the rate of diffusion of a gas is inversely proportional to the square root of its density.



RO₂/RCH₄ = √(MCH₄/MO₂)

5/(200/t) = √[(12+4)/(16×2)]

5t/200 = √16/32

t/40 = 1/√2

t = 40/√2

t = (40/√2) × (√2/√2)

t = 20√2 seconds

Time taken = 28.28 seconds.





(i) Discount allowed is granted by the seller to the buyer.

(ii) The discount allowed is the expense of the seller.

(iii) Discount allowed is debited in the books of the seller.



(i) The discount received is received by the buyer from the seller.

(ii) Discount Received is an income of the buyer.

(iii) Discount Received is credited in the books of the buyer.



(i) Cash book

(ii) Purchases book

(iii) Sales book

(iv) Purchases return or return outwards book

(v) Sales return or return inwards book




(i) Wrong Totaling of

(ii)Subsidiary Books

Posting of the Wrong Amount


(i) Error of principle

(ii) Error of commission

(iii) Error of omission




(i) Accumulated fund: An accumulated fund is a type of account that serves as the repository for funds that are collected over time by non-profit organizations and are above and beyond the money needed to cover operational and other expenditures.


(ii) Depreciation: It’s the reduction of a recorded cost of a fixed asset in a systematic manner until the value of the asset becomes zero or negligible.


(iii) Nominal Capital: It’s the amount of capital that a business can offer to shareholders, in the form of shares of stock. In most nations, the amount of this nominal share capital is regulated by governmental agencies that determine the financial stability of the business and the company’s ability to cover the value of those shares.


(iv) Bad debt: Bad debt is an expense that a business incurs once the repayment of credit previously extended to a customer is estimated to be uncollectible and is thus recorded as a charge off.


(v) Net profit: is the amount of money your business earns after deducting all operating, interest, and tax expenses over a given period of time.

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(ii) Hydrofluorocarbon



I – C₂H₂OH + H₂SO₄ —>C₂H₅HSO₄ + H₂O

II – C₂H₅HSO₄ —> C₂H₄ +H₂SO₄



(i) They incompletely filled d-orbitals

(ii) They exhibit variable oxidation state



(i) It is used in making aeroplane parts due to its tensile strength

(ii) It is used in making window frames because it cannot be easily oxidised



A white precipitate is formed with evolution of brown gas



(i) Hydrogen bond

(ii) Covalent bond



(i) Oxidation

(ii) Electrolysis







H₂SO₄ + 2NaOH —> Na₂SO₄ +2H₂O

CaVa/CbVb = Na/NB

Va = CbVbna/Can

Va = 0.1×25×1/0.5×2

Va = 2.5cm³


Rate of a chemical reaction is defined as the number of moles of reactant converted or product formed per unit time.



Mass of CaCO3 = 3g

Molar mass of CaCO3= 100g/mol

No. of moles = 3/100 = 0.03

Time = 2×60 = 120s

Rate of reaction = No. of moles/Time

= 0.03/120 = 2.5 × 10-⁴



(i) They are more resistant to corrosion

(ii) They are more durable

(iii) They have lower melting point



2Pb(NO₃)₂ —> 2PbO + 4NO₂ +O₂



I =Hard water=

(i)It has better taste than soft water

(ii) It can be supplied in lead pipes as it does not dissolve lead


II =Soft water=

(i) It does not deposit scale in boilers and fur in kettles

(ii) It does not waste soap



I – CO

II – SO₂



I – Hardness

II – Lustre appearance

III – Conductivity

IV – Ability to absorb



4.3/2.12 = 142+18x/142

2.12(142+18x)/2.12 = 4.3*142/2.12

142+18x = 288

18x = 288-142

x = 146/18

x = 8


A; microscope

B; a ripe mango fruit

C; Transverse section of tomato fruit

D; Groundnut seed

E; maize grains



(i) objective lens

(ii) nose pierce

(iii) aperture



It is use to magnify object that is to be viewed







(i)its flesh are eaten by animals

(ii)the seeds are passed out as waste by some animal




Under B

(i)it is yellowish in colour

(ii)beans like shaped


Under C

(i)it is reddish in colour

(ii)not beans like shaped




Under Observation;

(i)light passes through it but the other side can not be seen


Under Conclusion;

(i)it contains oil which makes the paper a translucent material



Fats and oil



It serves as food.




F; carrots

G; Irish potato

H; water Lily

I; prawn



It improve sight



This is because it has a modified stem




Under Observation;

(i)it gives a blue black colour


Under Conclusion;

(i)starch is present



(i)presence of big leaves

(ii)presence of cuticle

(iii)presence of horns

(iv)presence of rims






(i)presence of tail fin

(ii)presence of scales




Under External features

(i)Tail fin

(ii) Antenna



Under Function;

(i) Locomotion

(ii) sensitivity

(iii) locomotion



(i)it serves as food

(ii)it create employment opportunity





J; Tilapia Fish.

K; Tadpoles

L; spider



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(i)presence of wings

(ii)presence of book lung

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