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100% Waec 2020 Questions and Answers

Welcome to Oliveloaded WAEC 2020 Expo page. We are committed to providing real and correct Expo answers for all WAEC exams. Earboard.com is the best source for all Expo answers.

If you browse through our site, you will see a lot of Expo answers to previous WAEC, Neco, NABTEB & JAMB exams. If you want to get A’s and a minimum of B’s in the 2020 / 2021 WAEC examinations, you should take our Expo service.
Because of the non-rigidity in JAMB admission policy, candidates should try as much as possible to make the best grades in WAEC. Last four years ago, JAMB used candidates O’ level to determine the cut-off marks for universities. Those with poor WAEC results that year really felt the pain because some of them were denied admission. Having C in your result, was just equivalent to F.
Nobody knows exactly what JAMB admission policy would be like this year. So strive for A’s in the 2020 WAEC exam. And you should try to make all your papers in one sitting. Merging of certificates from two sittings is partly not good if you’re thinking of furthering your education. I will also like to bring it to your notice that you cannot merge certificates if you want to study courses like Medicine and Surgery. Again, a merged certificate from two settings has a lower point than a single certificate when it comes to JAMB grading.
We have taken all these into consideration and decided to bring to you this sure platform for making a minimum of B’s in the 2020 WAEC exams. We are not a newcomer to this very service. We have specialists who work with us to provide the best answers to all WAEC exam questions. You should also be wary of those scammers who promise to send you answers and never fulfill it.
I want you to know that there are a lot of sites out there claiming to give sure WAEC expo answers. But the truth is that most of them will end up scamming you of your hard-earned money. However, if you can trust us, we would surely give you the service you paid for.
And How can I trust you? I know this is the question you probably want to ask. There are ways we carry out our service that make us different from others. One of the notable things is our free WAEC Runz. The first WAEC paper to be taken will be posted here for free. So, if you still don’t trust us, you can check our site on the day the first WAEC paper will take for free answers. I hope that this will serve as a live preview.
Please don’t forget that our website address remains www.earboard.com. You should enter the address if you want to visit this site again. Additionally, if you are convinced of the genuineness of our Runz, then you should go and subscribe now.
How much is your WAEC Expo Runz?
I know this is the next thing in your mind. But don’t worry, the price isn’t much. Below is our WAEC 2019 subscription price list.
=> All WAEC 2019 Subjects and Practical: N5000 (Price may increase at any time)
=> 8 / 9 Subjects with or without Practical: N3000 (Price may increase as exam comes closer)
=> One Subject: N400 (Fixed)
=> Practical (One subject) : N300 (fixed)
Note: We no longer send our expo answers by direct SMS. The reason is that our messages are being blocked by some network providers (MTN, AIRTEL & ETISALAT). Even after opting out of the “Do Not Disturb Service”, some of our subscribers still complain that they don’t receive all our messages. So, all our expo answers will be accessible only from our site. If you never used our service before, then this is how to get the answers; you just enter oliveloaded.net and click on the subject you want usually posted under sponsored links. After that, you will be asked to click a link to enter your password. Click the link and put the password we will send you. If the password you entered is correct, you will see the answers there. This is, so far, the easiest way to get any expo answers. All you need is a mobile phone with an internet connection.
How do I pay for the runz? You can pay with MTN RECHARGE CARD or through bank transfer. If you are paying with MTN Recharge Card, you should send the PIN, your subjects and phone number to 07062277854. If you want to pay through bank transfer or any other means, call or message 07062277854 and make a request for our bank details or request an entirely different mode of payment. Our line is always on, call or message 07062277854 for any other inquiries.
How early do I receive the answers after making payment? You will receive the answers 3hours before the exam starts. You can study or write it down before going into the exam hall.
List of 202o WAEC SSCE Subjects Available
English, Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry
Literature, Economics, Commerce, Accounting, Agric, Government, Geography Office practice, Marketing, Insurance, Data Processing, Further maths, I.C.T(Compulsory), Civic Education(Compulsory),
Thanks, we look forward to helping you!
About Oliveloaded.net
I am a verified author at oliveloaded.net…… For any complaint or information, contact  admin on 07062277854

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